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entrepreneurs, investors, freelance talent and future employees.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to get a startup up and running or someone looking to be a part of the next big thing, GarageBrain is your place.
In one easy to use portal, GarageBrain is a place where you can tell your story, a place where you can connect to like-minded thinkers and doers with the talent and heart to get it done.
You belong on GarageBrain!

For the entrepreneur, we can help you find investors, partners, future employees, and contract skills and vendors that can help you grow.

For those looking to be a part of a startup or new venture, we help you find those organizations where there is a mutual need.

We believe entrepreneurs are and will continue to be the engine of growth and innovation as well as the employer of choice for a new generation of workers.

We are not a recruiting service, but a connecting hub. We are a place where we find those like-minds and connect them to each other.

For those looking to invest or partner in that next big thing, we give you access to the information to find a potential business that matches what you are looking to add to your portfolio and at the level you want to participate.

Just one low annual fee connects you to a database of resources. There are no hidden fees, no additional charges to access information. One fee and you are connected!

Whether you are starting the next high tech company, the next great app, or a small business. You belong on GarageBrain!